Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have learned something new recently - myself.  No longer do I feel adrift and on autopilot.  I have a purpose, and that is purpose is providing for my family.  I'm designing an application to help me visualise monetary abundance.  I know money doesnt buy happiness, but it sure as hell helps.  The program is called Millionaire and  provides a visual graph tracking my process towards my first million dollars.  I can also add in objects I call 'wishes'.  These represent material goals, like my new computer desk and my Dodge Challenger.  Once I have enough saved and have purchased these items, I can mark them as purchased ingame, depleting the current savings by the appropiate amount.

I've recently come to see how important visualisation is.  I've kept things bottled up for so long but now I have a beautiful wife at my side, no matter, I feel like I can finally start living again.  Life is good :)

For those who want to know more about how I managed to pull myself through a dark time, read up on the Law of Attraction.   It worked for me, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this.

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